Alison Sigethy
Alison Sigethy’s innovative kinetic glass sculptures, Sea Cores, combine water, light, bubbles and glass to reflect the dazzling visual array of deep sea environments. These sculptures appear simultaneously natural and other-worldly. These cylindrical shaped works of art are inspired by coral reef core-drilling, which scientists utilize to extract geological samples in the study of the diverse ecology and geology of a coral reef ecosystem. As her artistic tribute to the beauty and mystery of the sea, she incorporates varied textures and subtleties of glass thoughtfully stacked with a sensitivity to natural organic arrangement. 

Incorporating light and movement into the piece creates a multi-dimensional experience, immersing the surrounding environment with a relaxing glow and the sound of effervescence. The artist explains, “I like things that move. I have always been fascinated by the patterns, rhythms, and randomness of motion, so, I use movement — both physical and optical — to animate my work. I’m not simply trying to catch the viewer’s attention, but their imagination, as well.

Alison Sigethy received bachelor’s degrees in Art History and Interior Design from Marymount University in Virginia. She is on the faculty at the Washington Arts Glass School, and is a Resident Artist at the acclaimed Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. Alison has exhibited her work nationally, and her sculptures have appeared in numerous publications, including USA Today, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and American Craft Magazine