Jack Bond
“Masking is a universal experience… part of being human. Our emotions and feelings are often hidden to some degree depending upon the circumstances or our relationships. We have social masks that function on a subconscious level and that serve as defense mechanisms. A profound interest in tribal art has played an important role in my work. I am using the masks and figures as a metaphor for masking. Some of these expressive masks and figures are used in secret societies and masking the human form so that the true spirit can emerge.
These images are almost exclusively taken from magazines, catalogues, and advertising. Consider the millions of images created for magazines each week or month, fleeting as they are… a flip of the page, gone forever. My image mining and deconstruction of this material expands the possibilities of what something can be or mean, revealing the duplicity and hypocrisy of modern life as well as creating a world that only exists in my subconscious.
While making these images, my subconscious is fully engaged, just as in a dream. Sometimes dreams make sense, sometimes not. I use hand imagery prominently because hands are a visual anchor to the world around us and a form of self-identity. I try to let the images tell a story in a relatable and interpersonal manner, without much conscious thought.”

Born in Pensacola, FL in 1948, Jack Bond grew up in St. Petersburg and began his university studies at St. Petersburg Junior College. He then attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and the University of South Florida in Tampa.
During the 1970’s and 80’s Jack worked as a graphic artist and exhibited at numerous shows, including Coconut Grove in Miami, Gasparilla in Tampa, and Winter Park in Orlando. For 17 years he owned the Kent Bond Gallery in Tampa. In 2004, Jack was given a 20 year retrospective at Horizon Line Gallery in Tampa. Since early 2008, Jack has been making found image collages.