Nin McQuillen
Nin McQuillen's intimately scaled sculptures are a synthesis of line, shape and surface that evoke the harmony of standing stones and totems. 
McQuillen's series of sculptures begin with dense, solid aluminum block and rod, found and salvaged, marked by years of weathering. Close examination reveals more than monochrome metal assemblages. The hand-sanded and polished surfaces display a variety of luminous tones, from gentle planar gradations to highly reflective accents.

He ascribes his design style to Louise Nevelson, whose large, monochromatic sculptures began getting national press as early as the late 50s, and later seeing the artwork of Henry Moore and Joseph Cornell in magazines and museums.

Nin McQuillen grew up in St Petersburg and earned a BS in Broadcasting from the University of Florida. He spent 1972 studying theatre and art history in London, followed by extensive travel to art museums throughout Europe. Varied careers in broadcasting, advertising, teaching and mental health all served as investigations in human behavior, which continue to inform his 40 years of exploration in art-making.