Lives: St Petersburg, Florida
Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Medium: oil, acrylic, and assemblage
The former manager of Oleson Gallery, which closed over the summer, has new work in which he is answering seriously to a cosmic joke question, viscerally realizing he can do whatever he wants in painting and in life, in a style he has evolved to call Conceptual Dimensionalism. He’s calling it that now so people will stop calling it Cubism.

“Say you started out doing whatever you wanted, you soon develop a style that lasts for a certain amount of time. You just forget along the way, you start to follow your own patterns, even if you made them up.” – John Taormina, on the nature of painting and doing whatever you want

Taormina has a remarkable understanding of formal art theory — color, shape, and composition — but like anti-elites Basquiat & Rosenquist, he has absorbed significant portions of art history and reinvented the rules, yielding a dynamism that is both revelatory and street-wise. “There are rules to paintings and I don’t believe in any of them,” explains Taormina.
For more information aboutTaormina’s thoughts and ideas, visit the link below to the full interview by friend/artist Eva Avenue, who raises more questions than answers about this true visionary.

“Well, if there’s a hand and it’s too big, there’s a reason.”