WHERE THE SEA MEETS THE SKY: Leslie Neumann & David Erdman

The highly anticipated exhibition of LESLIE NEUMANN & DAVID ERDMAN opens at our new exhibition space, the Leslie Curran Gallery, just three doors down from our flagship showroom, ARTicles, on Saturday, October 10th, 6-9pm. Neumann‘s encaustic paintings are inspired by the raw, primitive energy of the wetlands, as well as the vast cosmic night sky of her home in Aripeka, Florida. Erdman‘s sculptures of luxurious wood, informed by studies in architecture and boat building, evoke the elegantly flowing lines of a sailing vessel on the water.
Erdman‘s hand carved wood sculptures are culled from deep forest scavenging at his rural homestead in West Virginia. These annual gathering trips are an important part of the healthy life cycle of the land, and his artwork memorializes these fallen treasured trees. Yet his process of carving brings new form to the object, a resurrection of sorts, transforming it from a heavy, solid mass into a study in light, air and movement. Significance is placed on the object itself as well as the tension in the air surrounding it, as one would view a sail in the breeze.
Overlooking the tides and seasons from a spectacular view amidst the expanse of coastal wetlands,Neumann‘s primordial world changes minute by minute. From her perch, she bears witness to the synchronic cycle of life, death, and decay that occurs in this perfectly unique ecosystem.
At night, she shifts her attention upwards to the skies, exploring another fantastical and imaginative world above her. Planetary, stellar, and solar forms spin and swirl amidst sparkling cosmic debris, full of energy, in colors of the earth and heavens. Her paintings express the awe and power of the environment around her, for which she is truly a steward. Hers is a space alive and ever-changing, infinitely vast, and full of beauty.
Both Erdman and Neumann embrace the significance of the natural environment and the promise of renewal. Their works are presented together for the first time in this exhibition, and the juxtaposition emphasizes their reverence and awe for the land in which they choose to live and and make art.