Denis Gaston
Denis Gaston, from West Virginia, grew up in Florida and received a BA in Art and Design from the University of Florida. First working as a graphic designer in Atlanta, Gaston returned to Florida in 1984 and embarked on a fine art career. He has maintained a studio since 1986 in the Gulf Coast cities of Dunedin and Clearwater.

Gaston’s mixed-media paintings and drawings are rendered in oil, acrylic, wax, collage, and other materials. His spontaneous and intuitive style draws inspiration from many world cultural traditions. Masks and indigenous art hold special attractions for him. In Gaston's words;

"This current body of work represents a natural progression of my image making. Over time, there has been a gradual shift from surface flatness toward textural complexity and a broader use of materials and substrates. Works on paper have been joined by oil, acrylic and mixed-media pieces on canvas, paper and wood panels. 

In all instances the content has remained constant. Almost always there is a main figural element handled in a spontaneous abstract way with a reliance on ‘stream of consciousness’ drawing. Slowly a narrative context emerges, albeit one that is not always apparent. Someone once likened it to viewing a loved one through a fractured window; a vaguely familiar ghost. 

Hopefully, this ‘not knowing’ draws in the viewer and allows a personal connection with the art."

Ken Rollins, past Director of the Tampa Museum of Art, states that “Denis Gaston is an important Florida artist whose paintings address the human spirit in all of its manifestations."    

Lennie Bennett, art critic for the St. Petersburg Times, wrote that “Gaston’s paintings have the primal, evocative feel of ancient cave drawings.”   

The Tampa Tribune’s Jenny Carey called Gaston “A dedicated artist whose mixed media paintings are distinguished and thought provoking.”

In 1990 Gaston was honored with a State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, and his art is included in the Florida Art in State Buildings Collection. He has participated in hundreds of exhibitions and one can find his work in private and public collections throughout the United States. In Florida Gaston’s art works are included in the Polk Museum of Art, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Raymond James Financial Corporation, Holland and Knight Law Firm, Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg College and Eckerd College.