Heidi Martin Kuster
Heidi Martin Kuster’s paintings are abstractions of the impressions she finds in geological surfaces. She is interested in how time notates itself in stone, and the personal and universal implications of marked memories. Her compositions become intimately translated transitory moments.

She sometimes includes bits of plastic in her collages as a contemporary metaphor for human influence on Earth's current state of evolution.  Kuster often employs the grid, bringing focus and categorization to what might otherwise seem to have been insignificant events. Her work is simultaneously playful and process oriented, always organic and intensely observant of line and form.

Kuster uses oil, acrylic, gouache, pencil, plastic, plaster, paper, panel and canvas. 
She lives and works in St Petersburg, Florida.  A native of Virginia, she spent her youth in the midwest and as an adult has lived in Nashville, Chicago, Brussels, Barcelona, and Paris. She studied painting at James Madison University in Virginia, Paper and Book Arts at Columbia College in Chicago, and received a MAAE with a focus in painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is in private collections throughout the world.