Jan Richardson

Art, even ceramic art, is driven by the desire to communicate. This idea and the evidence of it throughout the art of  ancient civilizations fascinates me. From my roots in New England to Santa Barbara to La Meridiana to the basement of the Natural History Museum in Beijing, I find inspiration in the places where utility meets humanity. My deepest gladness is met in the human desire to connect through the language of pattern and symbol. This body of work is an effort to draw together the earliest urges of human communication and to connect with my audience through them.
My ceramic work is created very much as such work has always come into being. From a rough sketch to a template to assembly and alteration, I use techniques and materials that have always existed among ceramic creators. Decoration is spontaneous, a visual language of my own that reflects the geometric patterning and repetition of so many aboriginal cultures impressed into the soft clay. Mixed media, patinated wire and found objects, are attached both before and after firing. Refined earth elements and glazes are applied, and the object is subjected to the fire.
My most recent work, the Intergalactic Series, seeks to tie together our ancient past, a disposable present, and a future of expansion and hope. By bringing together organic form and ancient decoration with extraterrestrial motifs, my hope is to inspire and intrigue my audience with the universal connections between cultures past and future, between Terra and the beyond.