Linda Hugues
Linda’s oil paintings capture moments of everyday life that suggest a story through light, gesture, and brushwork. Her work combines compelling figures and beautiful cityscapes in a loose, impressionistic style. She paints scenes from her travels in Europe as well as images from the cafés and harbors of nearby St. Petersburg.

Linda’s parents introduced her to the joy of travel. Her father was an engineer who brought his young family with him on overseas assignments in France, Holland and Libya. Her parents would take the three children on vacations in Europe, sharing with them the beauty and history of the continent. Linda is a lifelong student of French and recently started studying Italian, so those two countries are her favorites.

Now, traveling with her husband, she photographs people in their surroundings, whether on a busy city street, by a historic monument, or in a peaceful village. 
Back in the studio she frequently combines several images to create the perfect scene. “What I’m looking for really only exists in my imagination,” she says. “I am especially interested in how light, value, and color interact to create a mood.” Oil paints are her favorite medium because their versatility allows her to create the soft, fresh look for which she is known.